Posted: Tuesday, 06·14·2016

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Posted: Tuesday, 06·14·2016

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Many hopeful Pakistani fans believe that the failure in recent tournaments including Asia Cup and World T20 will lead the way for Pakistan’s new era of success. While Pakistan’s display has been utterly disappointing as of late, the only good thing that has come of it is the appointment of two men who can possibly change Pakistani cricket for good. After the debacle in India that resulted in Pakistan crashing out of the tournament in the group stage, Pakistan Cricket Board made two positive decisions. Pakistan’s head coach at that time, Waqar Younis, decided to step down and Pakistan Cricket Board had to look for a replacement.Pak cricket team

This appointment of a new head coach was, of course, going to be a crucial decision that would shape the future of Pakistani cricket. PCB decided to replace Waqar Younis with an experienced, tactical, disciplinary, and coolheaded foreign coach Mickey Arthur, and it could possibly be the best decision the board has made in many years. With his arrival, Pakistani fans are again excited for Pakistani cricket and can’t wait to follow today match live score again when the tour of England begins in July.

However, appointing a new head coach wasn’t really the solution to all woes of Pakistani cricket. In fact, it would have been in vain had another pivotal step not been taken by the board. Pakistani cricket has long been plagued by selectors who have been making the wrong calls and picking unmerited players for far too long. PCB’s decision to appoint Inzamam-ul-Haq as chief selector shows an actual desire for change and it might just get it. Inzamam-ul-Haq’s departure from Pakistani cricket didn’t happen in the best of ways, but his comeback might signal a glorious era for Pakistan.

Having played for Pakistan as recently as 2007 and having coached Afghanistan to a spirited World T20 performance, Inzamam is in touch with modern day cricket and is expected to make the right calls. The combination of Inzamam-ul-Haq and Mickey Arthur could spell a glorious time for the Pakistani cricket team, starting this summer in England.